Tanning Beds: What to know

Platinum Bed

Indulge in tanning luxury with our Prestige 1100 Platinum bed, designed to deliver a deep, rich, all-over tan. The Platinum Bed Features:

  • 52 Dynamic Power, 200-watt UV lamps
  • Advanced facial tanner system, featuring 4 Ultra Performance high-pressure units and 3 extra UV-B spaghetti lamps
  • 2 high-pressure shoulder tanners with Ultra Performance technology
  • Aqua Mist & Aroma
  • User Friendly Interactive Display and Voice Control Guides

Experience the Ultimate Tan with the Prestige 1100!

Gold Bed

Discover the gold standard in tanning: the Ergoline Evolution 500. This state-of-the-art tanning bed combines advanced technology with comfort to deliver exceptional results in just 12 minutes. The Gold Bed Features:

  • 40 specially designed high-pressure UV lamps, offering a balanced spectrum of UV light and ensuring a deeper, long-lasting tan.
  • User friendly display
  • Advanced cooling system
Silver Bed

Step into the future of tanning with our Ambition 250, the silver bed that redefines what you expect from a tanning session. Discover why it's the choice for those who demand both excellence and value. The Silver Bed Features:

  • 32 Dynamic Power UV lamps, providing a robust and even tanning experience across the entire body
  • Comfort Cooling system
  • 3 high-pressure facial tanners